Final Program: A Media History in n+1 Sources

A Media History in n+1 Sources
Third Workshop of Media History/CH
University of Basel, 23-24 November 2023

MediaHistoryCh_2023_final program

23 November 2023, eikones, Rheinsprung 11

17h00 Opening of the Conference

Friedrich Balke, Ruhr-Universität Bochum:

„Death Ships. The Dark Side of the Oceanic Turn“

Apéro riche 

24 November 2023, Seminar für Medienwissenschaft, Holbeinstrasse 12

9h00-10h00 Section 1. Paper Matters. Magazines, Art Journals, Printed Photography as Sources

9h00 – 9h20

Heike Bazak, Sascha Deboni, PTT Archives, Berne: Grey LiteratureA Gateway to Company Archives

Respondent: Sarine Waltenspül, University of Lucerne


Muriel Heisch, University of Basel: Illustrated Art Journals of the 19th century. Between Distant and Close Reading

Respondent: Gabriele Balbi, USI Università della Svizzera italiana


Gabrielle Duboux, University of Lausanne: „Enteignung der Pharma Industry”: Photograph of a Vandalised Eidophor Truck

Respondent: Marie Sandoz, University of Basel

10h00-10h30 Break

10h30-11h30 Section 2. Virtual Touch. Physical Sources for Digital Media  

10h30 – 10h50

Deborah Barcella, USI Università della Svizzera italiana: Exploring the Historical Trajectory of the World Wide Web Trademark via CERN Archive Sources 

Respondent: Magnus Rust, University of Basel


Stefanie Bräuer, Lucie Kolb, Lara Kothe, Philipp Messner, FHNW Basel: THEswissTHING will connect you to the THINGNET and the Internet – a Postcard from 1995

Respondent: Maria Eriksson, University of Basel


Daniela Zetti, Universities of Lübeck and München: „Ferrite cores store 18 000 pieces of information for lighting”. A Siemens Ad from 1964

Respondent: David Bucheli, University of Basel

11h30-12h00 Break 

12h00-13h00 Section 3. Listen Up, Let Me See! Audiovisual Sources


Michelle Ziegler (ETH) and Matthias Kassel (Paul Sacher Stiftung), Approaching Audio Archives: a Tape of Edgard Varèse

Respondent: Jan-Friedrich Missfelder, University of Basel


Théo Mäusli, SRG SSR and USI Università della Svizzera italiana: The Archival History of the Jugendkrawalle”.

Respondent: Monika Dommann, University of Zurich


Benjamin Bobst, SRG SSR: Play Suisse – A Source for Historians?

Respondent: François Vallotton, University of Lausanne

13h00-14h00 Lunch

14h00-15h00 Media History/CH Meeting and Conclusions